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Auction participation conditions

Login at the international buying area exclusive to Dealers customers of Leilocar, conditioned to approval.
Login and Password are the same as to log in the Iberian Peninsula. Might not have permission. Contact Commercial Dept.
Catalog available online.
Auctions start at the announced hour in "Next auctions".
VAT: pay attention to the lot description.
VAT value: pay attention to the local VAT regime to perform the VAT deduction, if applied.
The buyer should liquidate the price to Leilocar, plus the service fee, at the end of the auction.
Leilocar only carries and delivers a vehicle after good collection.
Transportation service must be made by Leilocar.
Payments in cash will be accepted until the amount of 3.000€.
All vehicles sold online will be delivered physically in one of the auction centers.
Complains after transport Service will not be accepted.
Stock Credit is not applicable.
Note: The Terms of Participation in Auctions do not exempt the reading of the General Terms present in this webpage; it is only notes and rules that concern to the access and participation in the auction. The rest of the activity and commercial relation is conducted by the General Terms, which are available in this website.

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Auction are exclusive, on buying, for Professionals that are registed previously at Leilocar. For registration, please complete de form or contact our Auction Centers.