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1st Step




Fill in the registration form through the website or come to one of our Auction Centers.


2nd Step


the registration


You will be contacted by a Commercial Consultant from Leilocar in maximum 3 working days. If you comply with the General Terms, you should provide a copy of Identification Document and tax card.


3rd Step


Vehicle inscription


The vehicle must be registered so that it might be sold in auction. For this, you should fill the Vehicle Inscription Form.


4th Step


Check Vehicle Average Value


The Seller can check the Average Value that will mark for auction and define with higher precision the Reserve Price.



5th Step


Defining the Reserve


The seller should define the reserve value, or, the value in which the sale becomes definitive.


6th Step


Agreement of the Reserve


Every reserve value is subjected to an evaluation from the Commercial Staff of Leilocar, and if it is lagged from the demand value the seller will be contacted


7th Step


Delivering vehicle
and documents


The vehicle and all the documents needed to the sale should be delivered at our facilities 24h before auction.


8th Step


Selling the Vehicle
in auction


During the auction the vehicle might be auctioned, might stay at provisional sale or might not be sold. If it stays in a provisional sale our Commercial Staff will contact the seller and try to negotiate the vehicle value.


9th Step




Within seven days you will receive a check with the sale value minus the selling fee.

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Auction are exclusive, on buying, for Professionals that are registed previously at Leilocar. For registration, please complete de form or contact our Auction Centers.