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1st Step


Be a Professional
of the Auto Business


Every auto dealers can buy if properly registered at Leilocar.


2nd Step




Fill in the Registration Form through the website or come to one of our Auction Centers.


3rd Step


the registration


You will be contacted by a Commercial Consultant from Leilocar in maximum 3 working days. If you comply the General Terms, you should provide Identification Document, tax card, legal activity on Register and general information about the organization.


4th Step


the Customer card


Finish the inscription and get the customer card. With this card you can participate at our auctions and get advantage of buying at Leilocar.


5th Step


Fax, e-mail and SMS


The customer starts to receive every week, via fax, e-mail or SMS, detailed information on vehicles that will be on auction at that week.


6th Step


on auction

Go to an Leilocar Auction Center, show the customer card and get a plate for bidding.
Get the catalog with all the vehicles on auction.
Show the plate when a vehicle is of your interest.
Every bid represents 100€. The auctioneer will inform if the sale is definitive or provisional.
Materialize the sale, after definitive bidding or, after negotiation at the provisional sales office.
Liquidate, untill the end of the auction and collect the vehicle.

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Auction are exclusive, on buying, for Professionals that are registed previously at Leilocar. For registration, please complete de form or contact our Auction Centers.