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4 simple and safe steps

Sell your car to a Professional. With a safe and simple transaction, you may comfortably sell your car.

We have 16.000 buyer waiting for your car.


1. FREE Evaluation
In no more than 2 minutes fill the evaluation request form.
Evaluate your car here
Without any cost, evaluate your vehicle, just provide the necessary information so that our consultants can give you a valuation. Get the value by e-mail.
2. Sign up your car
Two clicks and your car is signed in a auction.
Sign in your car here
Just accept, we take care of everything. You will receive immediately a password to follow the sale of your car. It will be presented by 16.000 Professionals through our B2B platform. It is simple.
3. Make a good sale!
Use your password to follow the auction.
Follow the auction here
From Algarve to Bragança, from Madeira to Azores, your car will be online during 48 hours. 16.000 potential buyers will see it and bid.
4. Receive the payment safely
With trust and safety.
We assure the safetyness in selling and payment. As soon as your car is sold, you will be immediately contacted!
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